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Role: Caseworker – Special Educational Needs Rate: £222 per day Location: Hampshire Compliance Category: Safeguarding Qualified Job Purpose To be responsible for some aspects of SEN casework, for children and young people from age 0 to age 25 including the statutory assessment process and for those with Education Health and Care Plans, across Hampshire and those children and young people
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The latest EDI (equity, diversity & inclusion) stories plus tips on how to make the most of every application, job posting or interview.

Affirmative Action: Supreme Court Ruling

Diversity, EDI, intersectionality

The US Supreme Court recently ruled that the US Constitution prohibits American universities from having affirmative action policies on the...

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EDI: Leading with Equity

Diversity, EDI, Equity, Inclusion

For us, it's EDI and not DEI. While both of these acronyms describe the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we...

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Supporting colleagues during Ramadan


Ramadan, the holiest month of the Islamic year, will begin this evening. Do you understand what this might involve for...

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Black History Month: Let’s Celebrate Black Talent and Black Joy

Allyship, Black History Month

As this year’s Black History Month draws to a close here in the UK, we’ve been reflecting on how we...

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National Inclusion Week: Inclusion Champions 2022


National Inclusion Week 2022 begins today, with the theme this year of 'Time To Act, The Power Of Now'. To...

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Building Mental Strength

Mental Health, Wellbeing

by Karen Boyd - a certified Career and Mental Fitness Coach. April is Stress Awareness Month. We all know what...

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Random Acts of Inclusive Kindness


It's Random Acts of Kindness Week. Everyone could do with more kindness in their lives, especially so after the last...

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Dyslexia: How to Be Your Best at Interviews

Inclusion, Job Interviews, Neurodiversity

by Neurodiversity Specialists There is a secret to applying for and getting jobs. Being your best at interview is a...

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How is the experience of Imposter Syndrome different for minority groups?

Imposter Syndrome, Wellbeing

by Nazish Bhaiwala – Career Coach at Red Arbre and specialist in overcoming imposter feelings at work. When it comes to...

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Imposter Syndrome: Let’s talk about it

Imposter Syndrome, Wellbeing

by Nazish Bhaiwala - Career Coach at Red Arbre and specialist in overcoming imposter feelings at work. If you are...

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How To Be More Trans Inclusive


Every year, November 13th marks the start of Transgender Awareness Week. No one should face discrimination because of who they are....

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Disability Inclusive Interviews – Top Tips

Inclusion, Job Interviews, Recruiting

How disability inclusive is your interview process? There are many ways disabled people can be excluded from the recruitment process. You're...

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Intersectionality: Time to drop the one-size-fits-all approach

Inclusion, intersectionality

Intersectionality - the term, coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, brings a lens that is really important for us to understand.... Intersectionality...

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Preparing for a one way interview process

Job Interviews

Use of the one way interview screening process is on the rise. Companies like Amazon and Google often use this...

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