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The Tudor Trust is a grant-making organisation with a long-standing commitment to funding smaller, grassroots organisations.

We are currently working towards a total transformation. We are committed to working in a collaborative and iterative way, refining our plans as we develop. All our staff will be proactive in helping us to develop ways of working that speak to our mission, values and what we want to achieve in the longer term.

In the immediate, we are building and bedding in a new Board, and at the same time, building a new staff team. We also want to consider ways in which we bring in advisors, and engage our wider stakeholders. In addition to our people work, we are also reviewing all our operational infrastructure, including how we maximise on the use of our building in Holland Park.

As we shift from an organisation rooted in family and the origins of the foundation, to one that is independent and stewarded by people with closer connections to under resourced communities, we do not underestimate the need to shift culture, behaviours and our shared understanding of the long-term goals.

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