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The Helen Bamber Foundation (HBF) is a Human Rights charity supporting survivors of trafficking and torture.

The people we work with have been subjected to the worst kind of atrocities, including religious and political persecution, forced labour, sexual exploitation, gender-based and honour-based violence.

These abuses are among the most significant atrocities facing the world today and there are roughly 40,000 refugees and asylum seekers in the UK who are suffering with the consequences. Tormented by flashbacks and nightmares and suffering debilitating panic attacks, extreme depression, anxiety and despair.

No one can truly know the horror of extreme cruelty that has befallen survivors of trafficking and torture. We can, however, change the path that these survivors have found themselves on. We can provide a place of safety to recover; we can help restore their dignity so they feel valued in society; we can give them the strength to soar again.

HBF is dedicated to ensuring that its clients are free and healthy (both physically and mentally), are safe, are protected from re-victimisation, detention and poverty, and can lead an independent life, fully integrating and contributing to society.

We are leaders in our field, and we take seriously our responsibility influence the practice of other organisations and policy makers in the UK and Internationally.

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