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We’re Prostate Cancer UK. We’re striving for a world where no man dies from prostate cancer. 

1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer. We work to give every man the power to navigate it. Whether that’s helping you to understand your risk, make the right choice about treatment or get the expertise you need to feel informed and in control.

We make every pound count. We’ve invested over £75 million into the best researchers in the world to unravel the complexity of prostate cancer, so we can give men precise and personalised care with the right treatments at the right time, for the best chance of living the full life they want.

The advances in testing, funded by our supporters – like huge improvements in MRI scans- are blazing a trail towards a screening programme. In the near future, every man at risk of prostate cancer could be invited for regular, accurate tests that can catch cancer early enough for a cure, saving thousands of our Dads, partners, brothers and friends every year.

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