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The moral case for building fairer and more inclusive workplaces is indisputable: regardless of our identity, background or circumstance, we all deserve the opportunity to develop our skills and talents to our full potential.

But there is also an undeniable business case, as a truly diverse organisation will deliver greater innovation, provide better service to its customers and typically produce better results financially.

Inclusive Hires is a no-nonsense jobs board, uniting a powerhouse of changemaker candidates with employers dedicated to creating inclusive workforces, to champion change for the future. Established in partnership with Inclusive Recruiting, Inclusive Hires exists to embed true equity, diversity and inclusion within organisations now, to create an empowered workforce to lead the future.


Inclusive Hires is powered by Inclusive Recruiting – a full-service equity, diversity, and inclusion consultancy, dedicated to transforming mindsets and behaviours, and breaking barriers to create equitable workplaces for organisations and the people powering them.

We advocate for long-lasting positive change, so as well as supporting with business transformation through recruitment partnership, we also provide training workshops and strategic EDI consultancy services to change mindsets and behaviours, breaking barriers to ensure that workplaces are truly equitable and ready to take real systematic action from the heart of your organisation.


Why choose Inclusive Hires?

We help inclusive companies connect with a wide pool of diverse talent.

Packages that suit you

We have a selection of job post packages specifically catered to your needs and budget. Prices start from just £199 for a single ad, with a 25% discount for registered charities. Post today and we will showcase your opportunity for the next 6 weeks.

Post your ad in minutes

Upload your job description, selecting the right sectors and categories. Remember to use inclusive language and shout about any diversity and inclusion initiatives you run within your organisation to help attract a diverse range of applications and continue cultivating an inclusive workforce.

Support all the way

Once you’ve posted your ad, you can sit back and let the magic happen! Applications will be delivered straight to your inbox. Our friendly team are here to help you with any questions you may have along the way.


Why choose Inclusive Hires?

We connect diverse, talented candidates with inclusive organisations.

Registration is free!

We want to make your job search as easy and as inclusive as possible. It won’t cost you a penny to register your details with us. We will hold these details in confidence and only share them our own recruitment team and the inclusive companies who have registered with us and are looking for talent like yours!

Find your dream role

As a registered candidate, you’ll not only have access to fantastic opportunities with highly reputable and inclusive companies, you can also build and store a selection of CVs in your profile, tailored to different roles, with access to our support team if you need help wording your CV to a specific role.

It’s a win-win

Employers who post with us do so because they want to provide people from diverse backgrounds equal access to opportunities and progression within their businesses. They know this will increase their productivity, creativity and reputation as an inclusive organisation, benefitting everyone.

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Uniting a powerhouse of change-maker candidates with employers dedicated to creating inclusive workforces, to champion change for the future.


Inclusive Hires
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