Academy of Medical Sciences

About Us

We are the UK’s national academy representing health research and researchers.

The Academy’s core mission is to advance biomedical and health research and its translation into benefits for society. We are working to secure a future in which:

  • UK and global health is improved by the best research
  • The UK leads the world in biomedical and health research, and is renowned for the quality of its research outputs, talent and collaborations. 
  • Independent, high quality medical science advice informs the decisions that affect society. 
  • More people have a say in the future of health and research. 

The Academy’s 1400 Fellows have been elected on the basis of outstanding contributions to a range of scientific fields, and are drawn from universities, hospitals, general practice, industry and the public service. Our Fellows are central to all we do. It is their talent and expertise that ensures we can bring authoritative opinion and practical guidance to complex issues in medical science and healthcare.

Established in 1998 as an expert body to deal with issues at the interface of medical science and healthcare, the Academy is part of the national academies group, alongside the Royal Society, British Academy, and the Royal Academy of Engineering. We are governed by a Council of 21 Fellows, including 6 Honorary Officers who provide strategic advice and oversight. Professor Dame Anne Johnson PMedSci is the current President.

We currently have a staff of 55, expanding to approximately 75 over the coming year.

The Academy is:

  • An elected Fellowship of the UK’s best biomedical and health researchers
  • An independent source of evidence-based and expert advice
  • Connected to, and respected by, decision makers
  • Focused on realising cross-disciplinary opportunities across academia, industry and healthcare.
  • Committed to improving and celebrating diversity – in all its forms – in the biomedical and health research community
  • Global in outlook, reach and influence
  • Catalytic, inclusive and accessible in our approach
  • Responsive to change and innovative in our solutions 
  • Adept at maximising our impact through partnership working

We seek to advance UK and global biomedical and health research through five strategic challenges (as set out in our 2017-22 strategy):

    1. To harness our expertise and convening power to tackle the biggest scientific and health challenges and opportunities facing our society. 
    2. To lead innovation in the development of research talent through funding and careers support.
    3. To achieve influence and impact beyond the UK to improve health and well-being.
    4. To become the exemplar of a ‘modern scientific academy’ – diverse, trusted, dynamic, relevant and accessible.
    5. To enhance the Academy’s delivery capability, making sure we have the Fellows, staff, partners, resources and influence to make an even greater contribution to the UK and beyond. 

This year we have been developing a 10 year strategy to be launched in December 2021. Through this strategy we will be setting ambitious goals for what the Academy is and does, who we represent, how we define excellence, and how we put equality of outcome, not just opportunity into all our work.

Our staff values

We identify the following values as most important to the Academy staff: 

  • Collaboration
  • Striving for excellence
  • Integrity
  • Evidence based
  • Inclusive

We also highlight the following behaviours as vital to the way we work – agility, kindness and resilience.


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