EDI: Leading with Equity

For us, it’s EDI and not DEI. While both of these acronyms describe the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion, we prefer to use the term EDI because it places equity before diversity and inclusion, to emphasise its importance.

Multiple studies have proven that diverse teams drive better business performance and organisations with greater diversity become more resilient and innovative. And inclusion is required for diverse groups to thrive.  But where should the starting point be to achieving this? There’s little point in considering how to recruit a more diverse workforce, nor how to ensure talented individuals from different backgrounds are fully included, if your organisation has not yet considered what different people need to be successful. And to do that, you need to lead with equity.

Elevating equity is critical because even in organisations that are both diverse and inclusive, individuals who come from different backgrounds can still run into policies, practices, or assumptions that prevent them from being fully engaged, supported, and able to reach their potential, especially when layers of intersectionality are additional impacting factors.

That’s why rather than DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), at Inclusive Recruiting we prefer to say EDI – placing equity as the first consideration.

When it comes to EDI vs. DEI, without a focus on equity, well-intentioned diversity initiatives can appear disingenuous. Ensuring your organisational practices and policies are equitable is essential to the sustainability of your investments in diversity and inclusion – and ultimately, your ability to create belonging and retain top talent.

Leading with equity is about recognising that different people have different needs and being committed to giving people what they need to succeed.

~ Inclusive Recruiting
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