Bar Standards Board

About Us

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) regulates barristers and their professional practice and  specialised legal services businesses in England and Wales in the public interest.

We are responsible for setting education and training requirements, setting standards, authorising  organisations, monitoring the service provided, and handling complaints.

Barristers work at the heart of our justice system so BSB’s mission is fundamentally important to the maintenance of  the rule of law. It is an exciting time at the organisation as we embark on a new strategy to  continue to regulate in the public interest, support those we regulate to face the future, and  ensure there is a strong and sustainable regulator for the Bar.  

Our Vision 

The BSB’s vision is: 

We will ensure that the BSB regulates the Bar in the public interest by promoting high  standards, diversity and access to justice. 

Our Values 

Our organisational values are: 

Fairness and Respect 

Independence and Integrity 

Excellence and Efficiency

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