How to handle rejection after an interview

Rejection. Let’s face it we have all been there at some point in our life. It is never a good feeling when you get that message that you were unsuccessful for the role.

You may feel that you had done all the research and preparation for the interview but the truth is that it is like a game and only one person will get the role. Well that’s how I see it. Whatever the situation or reason, it is always upsetting and I am a firm believer that if you didn’t get the role it is because there is something better waiting for you.

Rejection can be really tough and people tend to handle it in various ways but it is really important to believe in yourself and know that you have skills and experience that shine bright. Stay confident and when you get a rejection email/call then keep in mind the following to stay motivated and positive.

  1. Don’t take it personally

Like I said, you may have done all you could to ensure you were ready for the interview but some things are out of your control so focus on what you can control and work on that.

  1. Learn and move on

Rejections can be opportunities. Learn from the interview/rejection feedback and move on. Don’t hold on to it! Think about whether there are any skills that you need to develop or whether doing a mock interview next time would be beneficial. 

  1. Take the challenge

Rejection can give you motivation to push yourself to achieve better so accept the situation and think of it like a challenge.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Once you have digested the interview and feedback, use this in preparation for you next interview. Don’t over think things, stay focused on the positives to help you get your new job.

5. Know your value

Be kind to yourself!

If you need support in your job search or are struggling due to the rejection you have faced then get in touch with me, Inclusive Recruiting’s Candidate Network Manager, Haleema Latif. Email

– Haleema Latif, Inclusive Recruiting

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