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About Us

Inclusive Recruiting is a full-service equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) consultancy. Dedicated to creating belonging, we TeachTrain and Transform to create more equitable workplaces for organisations and the people powering them.

We advocate for long-lasting positive change, so as well as supporting with business transformation through recruitment partnership, we also provide training workshops and strategic EDI consultancy services to change mindsets and behaviours, breaking barriers to ensure that workplaces are truly equitable and ready to take real systematic action from the heart of your organisation.

We Are Brave.

We Are Innovative.

We Are Disruptive.

We Are Authentic.

Our USP is our priority focus on equity, diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process. These principles are at the core of everything we do.

Our Candidate Network

We support our candidates throughout the recruitment process, nurturing their career progression. We consider experience, values and transferable skills when matching your needs with the demands of our clients. We work with inclusive employers who want you to feel valued and confident in bringing your whole self to work.

At Inclusive Recruiting, we are passionate about helping under-represented, diverse talent to progress in the workplace. We know there is a lack of representation at leadership levels and we want to change this. We want to offer our support, give back and make a difference, by removing barriers and smashing through the glass ceiling.

This is why we created the Inclusive Recruiting Candidate Network – a free inclusive network of individuals from diverse backgrounds at various stages of their career.

The network provides an opportunity to meet, engage, and develop your career, by sharing experience and creating change.





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