Heartbeat Transformation Director

Salary: £150-200k per annum

Location: Remote – with requirement to be office-based for collaboration and meetings (1-3 times/month). Ideally UK based or can be globally based if located where there is a Diageo office

Reporting to: Global Transformation Analytics Director


Diageo‘s ambition to become a data centric and driven organisation in the next 3 to 5 year is the force in the  Transformation agenda to reflect this the organisation is making a significant resource investment in this transition. Heartbeat is one of the major enablers of this journey. 

Project Heartbeat is an integrated decision-making capability that delivers one source of the truth, allowing  Diageo to obtain richer insights to inform faster and more timely actions. Basis of a “single version of the truth”  stems from actions taken on standardised data which is well governed and owned. Additionally, definitions and  hierarchies structuring the data are agreed across the globe and proliferation of local variations or definitions  removed. This data robustness is supported by the utilization of latest data technology in the market, coupled  with unrivalled data architecture.  

So, what will be Heartbeat deliver?  

– Standardised KPIs, including definitions and hierarchies. 

– Consistent User experience. 

– A single source of the truth for data. 

– Advanced analytics to enable cross functional decision making. 

– Cultural change to enable and integrated data driven approach to performance management.

– New Operating model in the ground 

Heartbeat will simplify and speed up the performance management decision- making process, whilst the  confidence and reliability in the data (and derived insights) is improved. Creating alignment and integration on performance and targets within functions, and for the wider organisation. 


In the described environment, there is a need not only to design the metrics and measures, but to structure the  organisation, in a way to fully unlock the benefits Data & Insights can deliver. And this is precisely the purpose of this overall Heartbeat Transformation Director, to prepare the organisation to be able to adopt the data solutions and  ensure the benefits are fully realised.

The Transformation Director will design the Transformation strategy and lead the Transformation workstreams  across a complex Multi geography/ functional/ process/ system footprint in this position, and to achieve the purpose, we are looking for 

  • An individual with ability to influence stakeholders across functions and markets to promote adoption, break down barriers, and assure readiness to operate in line with the new operating model
  • An individual with deep understanding of Performance Management routines and requirements with the ability to think outside the box to provide innovative solutions 

Key Accountabilities:

– Leads day-to-day management of Transformation workstream in Heartbeat programme, including,  Change Management, Operating model, Fix the plumbing and Experience Design. The individual is also  kept abreast on developments of Strategic, Insights and Metrics (SIM) swimlane. 

– Primary responsible for the Transformation Agenda within the Heartbeat Program and its alignment  with other major programs to create synergies to deliver the change/transformation in the market.

– Primary Diageo stakeholder to work and partner with the vendor to drive the transformation journey.

– Brings to the Steering Group all the necessary questions, proposals and decisions to be made regarding  change management and the new operating model. 

– Drives the stakeholder engagement activities, monitors ongoing stakeholder engagement, identifies  stakeholder engagement gaps and actively makes connections to gain executive support.

– Reviews and contributes to materials produced by Diageo and vendor teams, and ensure deliverables  are of high quality and standards and fit-for-purpose. 

– Leads the creation of a detailed Success Criteria for Gen 0, Gen 1 and Gen 2 and works with the  relevant market teams to ensure it is successfully achieved. 

– Fix the plumbing: Identify the opportunities, develop the business case and gain executive buy-in to  launch technical and business initiatives to improve data quality. This is to be supported by the PM.

– Ensure an effective Change Management approach and plans that will ensure the successful  Performance Management Transformation and Heartbeat product adoption. 

– Driving sustainable growth. Develop the Transformation responsibly, engaging with colleagues across  the workstreams and wider to deliver sustainable transformation and operational plans in line with  Heartbeat strategy. 

– Internal and external relationships. Ensure the Transformation function is a visible and trusted  partner. Deliver a uniform, consistent relationship model which is acknowledged to deliver value to  enable full engagement. Be accountable for all interactions between IT and the significant part of a  Global Business/Function, or the Global Business/Function within a Region. 

– Achieving excellence. Drive business performance, persevering under pressure. Ensuring contingency  is built into transformation plans to cope with unexpected issues. 

– Developing ideas into change initiatives and consulting with markets/functions. 

– Strategic input. As Heartbeat evolve, ensure Transformation remains on target to deliver by  communication with and educating all relevant parties.  

– Coordinate with the Project Management, PMO and Service Management functions to report status  and issue escalation & resolution of operational matters relating to Transformation.  

 Experience & Skills:

– Forward-thinking perspective with a well-informed point of view on the changing role of Data &  Analytics in supporting and enabling the business to achieve its strategic objectives. 

– Experience in driving business transformation covering processes, people, technology, and data.

– Ability to build strong relationships and communicate with senior market and global function  stakeholders. 

– Effective at influencing and driving change through different stakeholder groups in the organization.

– Strong grasp of business fundamentals across different functions and ability to create the bridge  between business Strategy and the role of Data & Analytics to achieve our objectives.

– Extensive experience in a managerial role within an IT or related field, including experience of managing  a global function with a geographically dispersed team. 

Comprehensive understanding of Transformation methodologies and approaches.

– Proven experience of leading the Transformation on global programs. 

A track record of delivering significant change which improves business effectiveness in sustainable  way. 

– Built effective networks across functions/markets, developing relationships based on mutual trust and  encouraging others to do the same.


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