Three Blind Mice

About Us

Three Blind Mice is a creative service studio specialising in producing content for pitch and presentation purposes. Using an array of talented visualisers, scribers, animators, and editors, we work with advertising agencies, brands, production and PR companies helping to conceive their ideas and bring them to life.

A scribing and storyboard agency with 25 years experience in helping the Advertising & PR industries conceive, research and pitch their ideas.

Illustrating and animating ad industry concepts, we create successful research materials and winning pitches.

Working with visionary PR companies to launch new products and ideas in print, in person and online.


  • Visualising ad concepts before they hit production can highlight winning ideas and potential hiccups. Let us take the guesswork out of creative strategy.


  • Our visualising team are here to give your research and creative the edge. When a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what you can achieve with 25 artists and animators?

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