Pip & Nut

About Us

Built on the foundation that health food should never be boring, Pip & Nut is a rapidly  growing award winning nut butter brand with big ambitions; in just five years we’ve  scaled to over 6000 stores nationwide with listings in high end stores like Wholefoods &  Selfridges as well as Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, ASDA & Morrisons and are the fastest growing  nut butter brand in the UK. With this exciting growth we make sure it’s not to the  detriment of people or planet and as a result we’re proud to say we’re a certified B corporation. 

We firmly believe that things should be kept just as nature intended so there’s nothing  nasty hidden inside our nut butters or snacks, just amazing nuts and a few other natural  ingredients. Aside from the fact that our products stack up nutritionally, we’ve also built  a serious amount of momentum & love behind our brand, with fans ranging from  International athletes to top celebrities and everyone in between.

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