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Spektrix was born in 2007 after our CEO experienced first-hand the lack of great technology on offer to the arts industry whilst managing the ADC Theatre in Cambridge, UK. Since then, we have grown to over 400 clients across the UK, Ireland and North America & Canada and at the end of 2020 sit at 120 employees across London, Manchester and New York offices. We sell over 20 million tickets through our B2B SaaS platform. And we’re only just getting started.

Our reputation is built around the quality of our people – and we make sure they’re looked after in return. We’re a learning organisation, celebrating achievement and creating opportunities for every individual to thrive and grow. We encourage autonomy, initiative and adaptability, with flexible working to fit every lifestyle and streamlined technology for easy international communications.

At Spektrix, we believe that entertainment experiences improve the world in which we live. Our mission is to help make more of those experiences happen by transforming the way entertainment organisations sell tickets and build relationships with their audiences.

DEI Journey & Commitments

As mentioned above we have a mission that matters, through its ability to bring about positive change in the world. Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion will strengthen our company culture and enable us to most effectively deliver on that mission. Furthermore progress in diversity, equity and inclusion will ultimately lead to a world with increased equality and improved lives – and that we believe that business has both an opportunity and responsibility to be part of wider positive change in society.

Our commitments are broken down based on Diversity, Inclusion & Equity. Whilst our hiring efforts mean we are looking to reach and attract from a wider talent pool to improve our demographics to better represent the diversity of the communities we serve and work in. At the same time we are committed to ongoing work to ensure Spektrix is a fully inclusive workplace where all team members feel comfortable and confident to be themselves at work without fear of feeling unwelcome, undervalued, undersupported, or in any way disadvantaged through doing so. Work here includes reviewing our policies and taken for granted practices and providing training to all staff members and specifically managers to better notice and understand where we may be unintentionally excluding people or groups. 

Anti-Racism work 

Like many others 2020 has been an awakening for Spektrix on the work we need to be doing internally to become actively anti-racist and to disamantle policies or approaches which sustain racial inequality. We have learnt that to behave in a anti-racist way it is not just to have a hard line against prejudice, discrimination and harassment in our workplace it is also about looking at every aspect of how we work and what we do, and ensuring that the approaches we take are designed to build and sustain racial equity between racial groups. 


Work in the area of DEI is very much on going but this year feels like it has really cemented the basic principles for longer term success. Our approach aims to take everyone at Spektrix on this journey but is driven by our CEO & Senior Team.


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